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  • We never (in fact, NEVER) share your information with any third party other than Madison Staff or Activa ETT.
  • You can request the complete deletion of your information at any time by sending an email to We will make sure that this information is deleted within three business days.
  • We meet all the provisions in the Spanish Data Protection Law, as further amended.

In order to meet the regulations in force and grant security and confidence to our users, we inform you that this website is the property of Madison Staff, S.L., domiciled at Avda. Américo Vespucio, 5, bloque B, local 7 (Edificio La Cartuja), 41092 Sevilla, Spain, with Spanish Company Registration number B91281279 and registered in the Company Register of Sevilla, Book 3686, Folio 46, Sheet SE-52505, 1st Register entry, as provided by Law 34 of 2002 on IT Services and e-Commerce.

For enquiries or suggestions, please contact us at, or on +34 954 081 258.

This website is subject exclusively to Spanish Regulations, of compulsory observance by Spanish and foreign individuals alike when using this website.

USERS are granted free access to this website, provided they previously review and expressly and unreservedly accept in full these GENERAL TERMS OF USE in force at the time of access, which you are kindly requested to read. At the moment the USER makes use of our portal and the contents and services thereof, he/she accepts and is expressly subject to the general terms of use thereof. In case the USER does not accept these terms of use, he/she must refrain from using this portal and carrying out activities on it.

We reserve the right to modify the look and configuration of our website, to add or delete services, and even to delete the website, its services and contents from the Internet. This decision may be taken unilaterally and without prior notice.

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Users are only granted the right to use these contents privately, for no commercial purposes, and he/she must secure the express authorization of Madison Staff and the holder of the affected rights to change, reproduce, exploit, distribute them, including any rights of the holder thereof.
Madison Staff is a trade mark. Reproduction, imitation, use or insertion thereof without authorization is hereby prohibited.
The provision of links to our portal does not grant any associated rights. Such links are permitted exclusively for the purpose of accessing our website; total or partial reproduction of our portal pictures and contents are forbidden. Additionally, the simple fact of establishing links to our website does not grant any rights as Madison Staff partners or collaborators.
Total or partial imitation of our portal is absolutely prohibited.

Access to our website is free and does not require prior login or subscription. However, in order to use some services, information request forms must be completed. These services are duly identified on the website, with easy instructions for completing and submitting them.
The submission of personal information implies that the USER expressly accepts our privacy policy.
The user shall access our website in good faith and observance of public order regulations, as well as these general terms of use. Access to our website is given under the user’s own and exclusive responsibility; in any case, he/she shall be liable for any damages caused to us or to third parties.

The use and provision of the contents or services included in this website by means other than those provided herein, or in the specific conditions regulating the provision of certain services, is strictly prohibited.

Bearing in mind that it is impossible to monitor the information, contents and services included in other websites linked to our website, we inform you that Madison Staff waives any liability for damages of any kind arising from the use of such third party websites.
Madison Staff reserves the right to take appropriate legal measures against those who violate these general terms of use, and the USER accepts that in case such measures are not taken this does not mean a formal waiver thereof; thus, these measures shall be in force until the violations expire.

By making this website available to users, we wish to offer a range of quality contents and services, using the utmost diligence in their delivery and the technologies we use. However, we are not responsible for viruses or other elements which may damage the user’s computer system.
The USER is prohibited from taking any action on our portal which may result in an excessive impact on the performance of our computer system, as well as from introducing viruses, robots or software that may alter our web’s normal performance, or damage our computer systems.
The user accepts responsibility for the use of our website, being the sole responsible party for any direct or indirect impact on the website arising from such use, including, without limitation, any adverse financial, technical and/or legal results, as well as the portal’s failure to meet expectations. By the same token, the user is obliged to hold Madison Staff harmless from any direct or indirect claim arising from such circumstances or events.

Madison Staff shall waive any responsibility derived from claims relative to intellectual property rights on the contents and pictures included in the portal, and does not guarantee that the contents of the website are true, exact and in force, whether its own or belonging to third parties, or linkable to other websites, and is therefore free from any responsibility arising from the use thereof.

Madison Staff shall waive any responsibility arising from any claim, including attorney fees, made by third parties as a result of the USER violating our terms of use, access and privacy policy, or whatever claim for violation of the regulations in force.

The USER acknowledges that he/she understands all the information regarding the terms of use of our portal, and agrees that they are sufficient for excluding errors therein and, therefore, he/she accepts them expressly in full.

The USER is fully aware that simply by browsing this website, and using its services, he/she accepts these terms of use.

The contents of our website are regulated exclusively by Spanish Law, in all of their facets and aspects. In the event differences or discrepancies arise between the parties as regards the interpretation and contents of this website, all parties hereby expressly waive any jurisdiction other than the Courts of Law of Seville.

Confidentiality, trade secrecy and security are core values at Madison Staff and, accordingly, we commit ourselves to guarantee user privacy at all times, as well as to refrain from acquiring unnecessary user information.

According to Spanish Organic Law 15 of 1999 on Personal Data Protection (LOPD), and Royal Decree 1720 of 2007 in development of the latter, we inform you that the use of certain services on our website requires the submission of certain personal details by means of registration forms or emails. Such forms and emails shall be processed and included in our records, of which we are the legal holders and keepers. The submission of such personal data implies the express consent to their processing; however, this consent is revocable and not retroactive.

We also inform you that our records are legally registered in the General Register of Personal Data of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, we apply the technical and organizational measures required by Royal Decree 1720 of 2007 on the regulation of security measures for records of personal data.

Use of your personal data
The data requested are adequate, appropriate and strictly necessary for the purpose for which they are collected. In no case are you required to send them to us. However, all form data identified as compulsory must be completed to allow us to fulfill your request. You also certify that all data provided are true and valid for the purpose for which they are requested.

Our website collects your personal data by means of forms and emails:
• The “Contact” link provides you with a form with which you can request a quotation of our services or commercial information on our services. This information may also be sent by electronic means. Your data will be included in our commercial records.

• In the “Work with us” link (, we offer you the chance to include your personal and curricular information in an online candidate database for the exclusive use of Madison Staff SL and Activa Sevilla ETT (a subsidiary of the group), for the purpose of allowing users to participate in recruitment processes initiated by these companies.

• We also provide several email addresses – and – to facilitate requests for any type of information, clarifications or concerns, as well as for sending you commercial information on our services, even by electronic means. If you include personal data in your email, or your address includes personal data, you authorize us to include them in our relevant records, if Madison Staff considers this appropriate and such data will be regulated by these privacy policies.

Madison Staff reserves the right to decide whether to include your personal data in its records or not.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation of your personal data
At any time, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection, in compliance with the terms established by Law, at the following address: Madison Staff, S.L., -Responsable Datos Personales-, domiciled at Avda. Américo Vespucio, nº 5, bloque B, local 7 (Edificio Cartuja), 41092 Sevilla, Spain, attaching a copy of your ID card or passport.

If you do not expressly delete your personal data from our records we will consider that you are interested in having them included there for as long as Madison Staff considers fit and as long as they are relevant for the purpose for which they were collected.

You can request the complete deletion of your records from our online database by sending an email to Madison Staff commits to deleting these records within three business days from the reception of the email.

Madison Staff reserves the right to delete user records which, in our opinion, do not fit the purpose expressed earlier.

Data communications
Madison Staff informs you that your data are treated confidentially, for internal use and for the purposes indicated. Therefore, we do not transfer or communicate your data to third parties, except as provided by Law. We reserve the right to transfer these data to Activa Sevilla ETT, a subsidiary of our group, for the purpose of providing job candidates with new employment opportunities and existing or potential customers with commercial information on our temporary employment agency services.

Security of personal data
In order to safeguard the security of your personal data, we inform you that Madison Staff has adopted all the technical and organizational measures required to prevent personal data from being altered, lost or treated and accessed without authorization, as required by Royal Decree 1720/2007, which regulates the security measures affecting records of personal data.

Data updates
In order to maintain your personal data updated you should inform us whenever there is a change in them. Otherwise, we cannot be held accountable for their accuracy.

Bearing in mind that the main means of communication between Madison Staff and the USER is the email address provided, we inform you that this is the means used to communicate with the USERS, including the delivery of commercial information or newsletters relative to the purpose of our portal, as provided by Article 21 of the Law on Information Technologies Services and e-Commerce, which prohibits the transmission of commercial communications by email if they are not expressly authorized by the addressees. We inform you that the acceptance of these terms of use imply your authorization to send you commercial, advertising, and promotional communications. However, if you do not wish to receive our commercial communications by email, you can refuse this by sending an email to the address stated above, or by replying to each email sent to you.

Madison Staff is not responsible for the privacy policy as regards to personal data provided to third parties by means of the links available on our website.

Madison Staff may alter these privacy policies to adapt them to changes on our website, and to legal changes relating to personal data that may appear. Please read our updated policies each time you intend to provide your data through this website.

These General Terms of Use were modified on 03/02/2015. Changes may be made at any time. Please check the date of issue whenever you visit our website, to ensure that there are no changes that may affect you.

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