Conference Staff

At Madison Staff we understand the complexity of running a conference or a convention. Conference staff are typically required for a number of functions and roles. Our staff are highly motivated people who speak several languages and have strong interpersonal skills. Welcoming and friendly, but professional at all times.

Registration typists

They are experienced computer users who are trained to work under pressure

Protocol and P.R. staff

They have an extensive knowledge of protocol related to seating order at presidential tables, setting of flags, etc..

Stewards and ushers

They help delegates to their seats in the auditorium and aid the control of participants’ movements between the different areas, making sure the process runs smoothly.

Conference room staff

They take care of the head table by changing name tags, dais, water, microphones and help pass around the microphone to participants. They are equipped with walkie-talkies with discrete earphones so they can keep direct contact with coordinators.

Transfer staff

They are responsible for greeting participants at the airport and ushering them to the buses for transfer to the hotels or conference venues. They typically speak several languages and have experience in solving problems (i.e. luggage loss).

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